Call centre services

Call centre services

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An after hours call answering service allows you to capture every business opportunity at a fraction of the cost that of hiring a full time employee.  A lot of our clients have a receptionist during regular business hours, but their business gets tons of phone calls after hours and those calls  end up going to voicemail. A missed call is a missed business opportunity.

Nowadays consumers are shopping 24/7 for your products and services. It can be bit  challenging and expensive to have staff in house 24 hours a day for any organization .  Balaji BPO takes just 60 seconds to set up answering service for you  and that too for 24/7/365. You will have a highly trained answering service team to schedule appointments, qualify leads, and take messages on your behalf. Our 24 hour answering service helps maximize your sales while lowering your costs of getting those leads by employing in house staff 24/7.

Customers hate to leave voicemails and in fact 85% of people hang up on voice mail. Believe it or not you have a 200% chance of closing a deal if you are the first one to respond to a lead right away. Your customers just want to speak to a live person that can understand their needs. With a team of our highly trained reps answering all of your calls in a friendly and upbeat tone, your prospective customers will become your customers for life.

Our live business answering service is open 24 hours a day and uses a distributed business model to ensure maximum up-time. Unlike our competitors, all of our agents are in-house at our call centers across the our branches. Our reps go through the most extensive training and quality control programs to ensure that we wow all of your customers 24/7. 

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