Data Services

Data Services

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We have mastered the art of virtual assistants, working in this industry since long has given us a competitive advantage. Not only do we hire the best, we also train them using our methodology that has been refined over the years. We do not work with freelancers, so all our employees work from our office facilities which give them the best atmosphere for growth & tech access along with data security & peace of mind to our clients. 

We have our weekly brain tank meetings where assistants gain in depth knowledge about new activity, task or tool and share their experiences on working with different businesses with others giving everyone a whole new perspective on latest developments and sharing the knowledge base.

Our assistants are from this millennial generation, they are tech savvy , you name the tool or app & they have worked on it. Whether it is a one time task or an ongoing process, simple schedule work or complex business task, your assistants will work like an extension of your core team member, add value and save your time & money, while you focus on growth of your business.

Data entry, using any web based tool to research, sort, filter and then enter the data, managing your HR database or any other internal database. End to end management of your database so all your records are always up to date.

Input leads or data into your CRM or spreadsheets, setting up auto responders, reminders, follow ups, making calls, sending out emails and preparing invoices,  salesforce, zoho, dentrix and others.

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